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TOMEI Shift Knob Long 90mm M10x1.25 Nissan Mazda Mitsubishi

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**This will not fit properly on an 370Z / G37 6spd transmission, you will need to purchase the shorter 70mm variant if you wish to install this on your 370Z or G37**

The Tomei shift knob is made of Duracon, a material composed of polyoxymethylene composites. These composites are known for their high degree of crystallinity, which results in superior strength. This stiff and hard material features excellent chemical and environmental resistance and is great at repelling heat and moisture. The shift knob is about 5 ounces, which makes it very lightweight for its strength.

Please Note: This shift knob only fits shifters with an M10 x 1.25mm thread pitch, which is supported by most Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Nissan shifters.

The 90mm Tomei shift knob will not fit OEM 370z shifters. However, the 70mm Tomei Duracon shift knob will fit an OEM 370z shifter.

A Respected Name

Tomei began operations in 1968 as a race car tuner in Japan. Since the company’s founding, Tomei has grown to achieve worldwide fame with its quality parts. Today Tomei’s products are utilized in nearly every motor sport imaginable, whether they take place on the street or the track.

Tomei’s racing heritage has produced a research and design team that has first-hand knowledge of the extreme demands that racing puts on an engine. Using only the highest quality materials, Tomei’s products, including their expertly-engineered Tomei shift knobs are guaranteed to handle the intense strain and heat that they will inevitably experience as part of a purpose-built engine.

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Enjuku Racing is proud to carry Tomei products for our customers’ driving pleasure. We only stock high-quality performance parts, and we aim to provide top notch customer service throughout all of our orders. If you have any questions please contact us. Order your Tomei shift knob today!