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Kinetix Racing Velocity Intake Manifold for Nissan 350Z/G35 '03-'06

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When a Nissan 350Z/G35 ‘03-’06 undergoes an engine upgrade that requires a new ratio of air/fuel intake, it’s time to install an intake manifold that can handle the pressure. The Kinetix Racing Velocity Intake Manifold for Nissan 350Z/G35 '03-'06 takes Nissan mainfold technology to a new level, delivering an intake ratio suitable for performance grade motors in a polished, stainless steel design that’s perfect for engine compartments that emphasize aesthetics.

Several Notable Improvements

This newly released Kinetix intake manifold replaces the manufacturer’s older SSV version, offering numerous improvements, including 12% more plenum chamber volume, 10% shorter intake runners for more airflow and higher horsepower potential, thicker construction for higher intake boost, and a smoother A/F curve that requires less tuning. If you insist on having the best of intake manifolds for your Nissan performance car, this Kinetix intake manifold is it.

Order Your New Manifold Today

The Kinetix intake manifold comes with everything you need for a complete installation job, including gaskets. Despite the stainless steel construction, the manifold weighs 10 pounds less than your Nissan’s stock manifold, which does more than help with heat soak; its reduced mass makes the part a better candidate for a do-it-yourself installation by reducing unwieldiness. Visit us today to order one of the latest, greatest intakes for the Nissan 350Z / G35 from Kinetix.